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Our Spay and Neuter Clinic Services for Mission Viejo

Jeronimo Pet Clinic is proud to offer spay and neuter clinic services to the community of Mission Viejo, along with a variety of other surgical procedures. Our state-of-the-art surgical suite can handle both scheduled appointments as well as emergencies, so you can always feel safe bringing your pet to us. Our established lead veterinarian Dr. Barbara Weintraub will perform your pet’s surgery with the upmost care while our staff helps mitigate any stress you may be feeling.

Jeronimo Pet Clinic offers surgical services such as mass removals, wound closures and repairs, foreign object removal in the GI tract, and more. If it appears that your pet is suffering from a bladder stone, or simply got hold of a sock they shouldn’t have, Jeronimo Pet Clinic can help. If we feel that the severity of the situation outweighs our in-house capabilities, we have access to orthopedic surgeons and specialists who can take over form there.

Microchipping Your Dog and Other Surgical Services

Jeronimo Pet Clinic wants to make microchipping your dog or cat a breeze. Microchips have become a standard in the industry, and we believe in providing this service at an affordable rate. Jeronimo Pet Clinic’s surgical services extend beyond routine microchipping as well. If your pet is struggling with parasites such as fleas, ticks, heartworms, tapeworms, or typhus, our expert staff can recommend the best possible approach to deal with these pests as quickly and safely as possible.

We’ll work with you to determine a treatment plan that makes sense, and we’ll discuss all associated costs before we begin.

Contact us to schedule a spay and neuter or microchipping procedure, or call now if your pet needs immediate surgical attention.

(949) 830-7387
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