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Preventative Care from One of the Best Veterinarians in Mission Viejo

Jeronimo Pet Clinic is staffed by some of the best veterinarians in Mission Viejo specializing in preventative pet care. We offer annual physical exams as well as regular vaccinations to help keep your pet healthy and illness-free. These regular exams are also important because there may be instances in which a trained professional can identify problems that you as a pet owner may not be aware of and treat them as quickly as possible. Our lead veterinarian, Dr. Barbara Weintraub, and her excellent staff ensure that your pet receives the best possible care every visit.

When you bring your pet in for an annual physical exam at Jeronimo Pet Clinic, we perform a series of evaluations to ensure your animal is in great health. During the exam, we will take your pet’s temperature and weight, as well as check their eyes, ears, teeth, heart, skin, lymph nodes, and general behavior. If it’s also time for a dental cleaning, you can trust that our expert pet dentists will perform a detailed cleaning under anesthesia to ensure that their teeth are bright and shiny.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations from Jeronimo Pet Clinic

Jeronimo Pet Clinic wants to ensure that your young pet stays healthy. That’s why we offer a full range of standard puppy and kitten vaccinations. Whether these vaccinations line up with your pet’s yearly exam, or you have a younger pet in need of more frequent appointments, Jeronimo Pet Clinic will make the entire process as easy as possible for you and your pet.

Keep your pet healthy and happy. Contact Jeronimo Pet Clinic today to schedule your preventative care visit.

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