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Mission Viejo’s Leading Animal Diagnostic Laboratory

Jeronimo Pet Clinic contains a top-tier animal diagnostic laboratory that can help you get quick test results when your pet isn’t feeling well. Located in Mission Viejo, we are a convenient drive for pet-owners nearby and in the surrounding Orange County area.

When you bring in a pet that’s showing signs of illness, or simply isn’t doing well, our lead veterinarian Dr. Barbara Weintraub will perform an initial exam. Before we proceed with any further next steps, Dr. Weintraub will walk you through a diagnostic and treatment plan that includes the projected cost of all procedures.

That way you can decide what you feel is necessary for your pet and won’t be caught off-guard by any expenses.

Once we decide on the diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet, the Jeronimo Pet Clinic team will perform any necessary blood work, radiographs, stool exams, skin scrapings, or other such data collection. Our in-house diagnostics laboratory can give you results the same day on heartworm, tick-borne illnesses, thyroid issues, and other tests, so you know as soon as possible what the issue might be.

Treatment for Cat and Dog Illnesses

When your pet gets sick, it can be a scary time for a pet owner. That’s why Dr. Weintraub at Jeronimo Pet Clinic has expert knowledge on all cat and dog illnesses, as well as their treatments.

If we are unable to determine the issue from our in-house diagnostic tests, we can always send out to a more expansive diagnostic laboratory with the promise a fast turnaround—usually within 24 hours.

Jeronimo Pet Clinic is also equipped to perform ultrasounds and additional specialized diagnostic procedures that other clinics in the area may not be able to.

Contact Jeronimo Pet Clinic today if your pet isn’t feeling well, and we’ll help them get back to normal as quickly as possible.

(949) 830-7387
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