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Detailed Pet Teeth Cleaning in Mission Viejo

Jeronimo Pet Clinic offers expert pet teeth cleaning for both dogs and cats in Mission Viejo. We provide dental services with the same level of detail that we approach everything else in our clinic—with care, attention, and a personal touch. We strive to ensure that your pet’s teeth are bright, clean, and free of any harmful agents. Our lead veterinarian Dr. Barbara Weintraub can perform a variety of dental services, including teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and minor oral surgery.

Jeronimo Pet Clinic recommends bringing your pet in for an annual deep teeth cleaning. Schedule these during your preventative care appointment (our annual physical for pets!) or as a separate appointment at your convenience. We do utilize anesthesia when we perform a dental cleaning on your pet, as it is necessary to ensure an adequate cleaning. Don’t worry though—our expert technicians use only the safest available anesthetics, which is especially beneficial to our older or high-risk pets.

Take a Trip to Our Cat Dentist

It can be hard to keep your kitty’s mouth clean—which is why a trip to Jeronimo Pet Clinic’s cat dentist is important as part of a healthy lifestyle. When you bring your animal to us, you can be sure that you’re receiving the highest level of attention and care.

Our dental services are affordable and provide a great value for the price so that you can keep coming back year after year.

Get in touch with our friendly staff of vets and techs today to schedule your pet’s next dental appointment.

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